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Become more visible, credible, and relevant in your industry.

The One Question You Must Answer

Why Should Anyone Listen to You?

Most brands and experts struggle to stand out and because of that, remain invisible.

Most people don’t know how to promote themselves and remain unknown, overlooked, and left behind. Learn our Personal Branding Process and you’ll finally get the recognition you’ve been looking for.

There Are 5 Ways You Can Grow Your Brand

Build a Personal

Social Media & Strategy Management

Podcast Production & Management

Campaigns &

What is Mentored Media?

Mentored media is an award-winning creative agency based in Sydney, Australia. They have worked with some of the biggest names in the country, building personal brands, campaigns, social media management and podcasts

Who We've Worked With

Crowne-Plaza (1)
ABC Australia (1)
American Express (1)
Audery-Wilkinson (1)
Awake Academy (1)
Cisco (1)
Destination-NSW (1)
Ford (1)
GCU (1)
Geocon (1)
Go! (1)
Guy-Sebastian (1)
Hachette (1)
Kelly Partners (1)
Knox Grammar (1)
Land Rover (1)
Layne Beachley (1)
Lenovo (1)
Lexus.svg (1)
Mentored (1)
Moxham-Commercial_Reverese (1)
NSW Education (1)
Positiveity Ins (1)
Rode Mic (1)
Shine (1)
SmartsensorTechnologies (1)
Sofitel (1)
Sony (1)
Starlight (1)
The Entourage (1)
WellTraveller (1)
Wallabies (1)
Westfield (1)

How We Can Help You

Create a Successful Personal Brand

Growing a personal brand requires a world-class team. Our process, strategy and team have created some amazing results for some of Australia’s most well-known Individuals and industry leaders. Key message, process & strategy, content creation, lead generation

Take Your Podcast to the Highest Level

Having a podcast is more than just looking at vanity metrics of downloads and listens. It is also more than having great equipment and content. It requires a strategy that connects everything together. Brand, Audience, Partnerships, we take care of it all.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Our award-winning team handles all the major social media platforms. From community management, content strategy, channel growth, and a lot more. Let us take that off your plate.

Media Ready Masterclass is Here

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Learn how to craft your key message and become a good communicator of your business and brand.

We've Worked with some of Australia's Leading Experts

These Hooks WIll Get Your Videos More Reach and Views

70+ Video Hooks for Social Media

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